Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New Plan

So I mentioned overtraining in my last post as the cause for my plateau.  Here's a little math. StrongLifts was pushing my squats at 5 pounds 3 times a week when I was squatting 200 lbs. That's 7.5% increase per week, which is crazy.  I've created a workout program that works each muscle twice a week with a 2.5% increase each workout. That's only a 5% increase a week which should be sufficiently small for now.


Workout A (Push day):
Squat, Push press, DB Bench, Calf Raises, Tricep Pushdowns, Crunch machine

Workout B (Pull day):
Deadlift, BB Rows, Lateral Pulldowns, BB Curls, Smith Shrugs

The goal rep range is 9-12 reps.  Each workout, I'm going to do 1 more rep than last workout.  This is a 2.5% increase in my 1 rep max.  Once I complete 12 reps, I will increase the weight by 10% for the next workout. I only do 1 working set of each exercise. 

Workout A is done Monday and Thursday. Workout B is done Tuesday and Friday. When I start plateauing again from overtraining, I will start cutting exercises down to once a week.

I will be eating as close to 3900 calories a day as I can get. For 3 weeks, I ate an average of 3400 calories and did not gain any weight. Everyone's answer to not gaining weight is "EAT MORE!!!", so I increased that by 500 calories. I'm 6'3, so 3900 kcal isn't crazy.