Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 1, 2011 Workout Summary

My 12th StrongLifts 5x5 workout.
StrongLifts 5x5 Progress 7/1/2011
StrongLifts 5x5 Progress 7/1/2011

LiftStart (6/6/2011)Current (7/1/2011)Gain
Squat135 lbs185 lbs+50 lbs
Deadlift185 lbs235 lbs+50 lbs
Bench145 lbs165 lbs+20 lbs
Rows60 lbs85 lbs+25 lbs
Overhead Press45 lbs70 lbs+25 lbs
Calves90 lbs110 lbs+20 lbs
Abs0 lbs7.5 lbs+7.5 lbs
Weight154.6 lbs162.8 lbs+8.2 lbs

I completed 5/5/5/5/3 at 185 lbs. This was a good attempt, but my form still had room for improvement. Dropping all the way down really taxes my legs.

Overhead Press
I completed 5x5 at 70 lbs.

I completed 5x5 at 235 lbs. This actually felt better than 225 lbs, but I was really sore the next day. I could tell that my lower back really had to work to stay straight.

I completed 5x5 at 5 lbs. Again, the form was much better than the first time around. I think 7.5 lbs will come easy and with good form next time.

I weighed 162.8 lbs. Another personal record. This was a nice jump. I may not have to increase my calories after all. Of course, when I hit 165 lbs, I will increase to 3300 kcals to stay with the 20x ratio.

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