Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Typical Day of Eating

I use to track my calories.  It fits my needs well. It's a bit of a pain to put in your own food, but it already has a ton of food from other users. So you can find just about anything you need. Even my protein shakes and post-workout were already in their food database. Anyway, LoneWolfArcher asked for a nutritional log of a typical day. Note that I'm trying to get 3200 kcals per day or 20x my body-weight in lbs. I would also like to get 140 g of protein or 2x my body-weight in kg. The protein comes easy though with all the milk.

Breakfast - 1000 kca/36g protein
Poptarts - 400 kcals/32g protein
Milk - 600 kcals/4g protein

Lunch - 1019 kcals/68g protein
Lasagna - 419 kcals/36g protein
Milk - 600 kcals/32g protein

Afternoon Snack - 250 kcals/0g protein
Cupcake - 250 kcals/0g protein

Dinner - 719 kcals/52g protein
Lasagna (again) - 419 kcals/36g protein
Milk - 300 kcals/16g protein

Evening Snack - 410 kcals/13g protein
Peanuts - 260 kcals/13g protein
Milk - 150 kcals/8g protein

Grand Total: 3398 kcals/177g protein


  1. Brad are you still doing Stronglifts? I miss your updates!

  2. Yeah, I'm still doing StrongLifts, and I still read all of your posts lol. I'll have to do a massive update tonight or something to make up for the weeks that I've missed.