Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 10, 2011 Workout Summary

My 3rd StrongLifts 5x5 workout. This was a cool workout. Based on my last workout, I thought that there was going to be a good chance that I failed on bench or squat. I was also pretty tired. I wasn't exhausted, but I felt a little sluggish.  The odds were against me, but I made progress in both bench and squat.

I completed 5x5 at 145 lbs. I paid very close attention to my rest between sets.  I started each at least 4 minutes after finishing the previous set.  I think this really helped in the later sets.  I finished strong and I'm optimistic about getting 150 lbs on Monday.

I completed 5x5 at 150 lbs. Again, I was careful to get enough rest in between sets.  I didn't have my spotter today, so I wanted to make sure that I didn't end up dead from impatience.  I finished strong on this lift too which made me pretty happy.

I completed 5x5 at 65 lbs. This was easy. I'm still working on technique.

Calf Raises
I completed 5x5 at 90 lbs.  I switched to seated calf raises so that I could raise the weight in smaller increments.  I don't know what my max is for this lift, but 90 lbs was relatively easy.
I completed 5x5 at 5 lbs. This was pretty challenging. I was holding a five pound weight to my chest and I made sure to bring my knuckles up to my legs on each rep.

I weighed 157.8 lbs. That's up 3 pounds in 5 days which can't be right.  There's no way that I gained 3 legitimate pounds, but it still feels good to see the number on the scale.  My record weight is 160 lbs. I've never seen anything higher on the scale for any reason.  I expect this number to hold steady for a week or two though before I see more weight gain.

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