Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27, 2011 Workout Summary

My 10th StrongLifts 5x5 workout.

StrongLifts 5x5 Progress 6/27/2011
StrongLifts 5x5 Progress 6/27/2011

LiftStart (6/6/2011)Current (6/27/2011)Gain
Squat135 lbs180 lbs+45 lbs
Deadlift185 lbs225 lbs+40 lbs
Bench145 lbs160 lbs+15 lbs
Rows60 lbs80 lbs+20 lbs
Overhead Press45 lbs65 lbs+20 lbs
Calves90 lbs105 lbs+15 lbs
Abs0 lbs7.5 lbs+7.5 lbs
Weight154.6 lbs161.8 lbs+7.2 lbs

I completed 5x5 at 180 lbs. Nothing new, just some heavier weight.

Overhead Press
I completed 5x5 at 65 lbs. We rushed these sets so that someone else could use the squat rack. I only got about a 45 second break between sets, but it was still no problem.

I completed 1x5 at 225 lbs. This is a new personal record. Before starting StrongLifts, I could only do 225 for 1 rep. I feel like it's important to mention when I break my "before StrongLifts records", because on Mehdi's website, everyone reports their progress from the bar. It's hard to gauge how much actual strength they gained because there is a lot of fluff in the numbers.  I could lift 165 lbs on squat before StrongLifts. I could have started with the bar and said that I gained 135 lbs on squat, but I've really only gained about 15 lbs.

I completed 5x5 at 0 lbs. I deloaded after failing 3 times at 7.5 lbs. I can say that my form was much better than when I started.

I weighed 161.8 lbs. I wanted to weigh 162 lbs, but it didn't happen. I gained 0.8 lbs in the last week. I want to gain a pound a week. So if I have another week of the same, I'll need to increase my calorie intake.


  1. Brad, I am stunned at your bench numbers! That is really good. I am above you on the other lifts, but behind you significantly on the bench. I just deloaded from 125lbs after 3 straight stalls at that weight. Great job on those at 160lbs!

  2. Haha, thanks! I was a wannabe captain upper-body for about the past year, so I'm personally stunned by anyone who can squat over 200 lbs like you. I did squat, but didn't care about my progression on it while I really pushed my bench. Before I started StrongLifts, I benched the same as I squatted! Now I'm much more focused on squat, and I'm playing "catch-up" with guys like you every time I go to the gym.